Mantra’s secondary funds provide focused exposure to highly attractive investment opportunities of the private equity secondary market.

Why invest in the secondary market?

By purchasing investments further in their life cycle through the secondary market, Mantra provides J-curve mitigation and shorter duration exposure to private equity interests for investors. Secondary investments also allow investors to diversify their holdings, mitigate risk by careful analysis of underlying assets as well as accelerate capital deployment.

Mantra’s capabilities

Mantra’s team has a proven ability to operate successfully on the private equity secondary market. Mantra has built a privileged network of relationships with all types of sellers as well as GPs and intermediaries, gaining information advantages and access to the best deals in the market.

When evaluating a secondary investment, Mantra performs an in-depth valuation of the private equity interests and forecasts their expected performances in order to make opportune investment decisions. The secondary due diligence process includes a bottom-up, company-by-company analysis, as well as an assessment of the GP responsible for managing the interests.

Mantra’s focus

Our focus on small to mid-market transactions, where due diligence requirements are often complex, allows Mantra to be positioned on a less competitive segment of the private equity secondary market.

Mantra invests in a wide range of private equity assets, with a primary focus on niche private equity interests. Mantra will review secondary transaction opportunities up to $50 million in value without a minimum deal size, on a global basis without any geographical restrictions.

Mantra’s flexible approach provides sellers with a broad range of options in considering strategic alternatives.