Mantra was founded in 2007 with the aim to focus on underserved private equity strategies, as the challenges posed by a changing landscape in private equity creates the need to find new inefficient pockets of over performance within this asset class.

Mantra’s experienced and complementary team is able to generate significant returns for its investors by targeting opportunities in (i) Primary Commitments, Co-Investments and Secondary Transactions in and alongside niche private equity funds and (ii) Listed Private Equity. Mantra invests through the management of third-party capital via specifically tailored funds and special accounts.

Niche Private Equity

Traditional private equity strategies are becoming saturated and as a consequence, Mantra expects most funds investing in these strategies to deliver disappointing returns. Additionally, the most successful General Partners in these traditional strategies tend to raise significantly larger funds over time, decreasing the alignment of interests and often corrupting their investment focus. Mantra believes there is another private equity : General Partners operating in high return potential investment strategies for which an abundance of opportunities is disproportionate with a limited amount of capital : Niche Private Equity.

Opportunities in Niche Private Equity are being chased by only a limited amount of capital, creating a mismatch and a source of over performance. This mismatch is found in off the beaten path strategies, where General Partners are often difficult to access and source. Consequently, the funds raised by these General Partners are often of modest size and only few Limited Partners have the ability and knowledge to conduct a proper due diligence on them.

Listed Private Equity

Listed Private Equity provides unparalleled access to a number of top managers with proven know-how and the combined advantages of private equity performance and liquidity of listed assets as shown through the historically outperformance of Listed Private Equity indices over traditional equity indices.

Yet, Listed Private Equity remains generally overlooked and misunderstood by the vast majority of investors, creating significant upside opportunities for professional investors. Nevertheless, selection and timing are key components of high returns in this asset class, which are the backbone of Mantra’s analytic approach and provides a substantial competitive advantage.

Mantra has demonstrated the ability to identify undervalued assets with high return potential in all investment cycles.